iLoF Secures $5m to Expand its Digital Library of Biomarkers 📰

Accelerating a new era of
personalised medicine


The intelligent platform for precise, patient-centric drug development

Our cloud-based library of optical fingerprints, powered by photonics and AI, provides non-invasive tracking, screening and stratification for drug discovery, adapted to each clinical trial needs.

Efficient. Flexible. Patient-centric.

Minimally Invasive

Requires only microlitres of blood


Allows for label free flexibility on targets


Takes <10 seconds from start to finish

Low cost

Requires no consumables, only Light and AI

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Advancing Drug Discovery For Alzheimer's Disease

How can we help?

Our blood-based screening test stratifies patients for clinical trials, removing heterogeneity due to underlying pathophysiology, disease stage or degree of progression. The iLoF Platform offers:

40% cost savings
70% reduction of time spent on screenings
A non-invasive process for patient convenience
A pool of more qualified candidates, improving trial outcomes

Paving the way for personalised medicine

We believe the possibilities for the iLoF Platform are endless. Keeping Alzheimer’s as a leading focus, we are building out our virtual fingerprint library and plan to bring the power of this platform to other diseases


Early and differential screening of dementia patients with Alzheimer’s Disease


Forecasting clinical outcomes and predicting severity of symptoms of Covid-19 patients

Ovarian Cancer

Stratifying cancer subtypes allowing for design and delivery of tailored treatments

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