Alzheimer’s Disease

A debilitating disease without a cure

Million (worldwide currently live with Alzheimer’s Disease)

Billion euros (spent on Alzheimer’s and dementia globally)

Failed clinical trials in the past 14 years

Disease modifying treatments on the market

The Problem

Clinical trials in Azheimer’s Disease have been a graveyard for promising treatments


90% of initially enrolled patients drop out of studies, mainly due to invasiveness and inconvenience of screening procedures


80% of screened patients are deemed unsuitable for trials after undergoing lengthy, risky, invasive procedures


Screenings can cost as much as €2K per patient, totalling a screening spend of over €400M per year for clinical trials


Complex pathophysiology of disease and patient heterogeneity are often not accounted for in clinical trial design

Advancing Drug Discovery For Alzheimer's Disease

How can we help?

Our blood-based screening test stratifies patients for clinical trials, removing heterogeneity due to underlying pathophysiology, disease stage or degree of progression. The iLoF Method offers:

40% cost savings
70% reduction of time spent on screenings
A non-invasive process for patient convenience
A pool of more qualified candidates, improving trial outcomes

Paving the way for personalised medicine

We believe the possibilities for the iLoF platform are endless. While Alzheimer’s is our current focus, we are building out our virtual fingerprint library and plan to bring the power of this technology to other diseases


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